About Us

Astro Guruvani provides the best astrology services in India. Helmed by AstroGuruVani, the company is one of the leading entities in providing the vast astrology services in India and abroad. Our astrology services comprise of everything from Palmistry i.e Palm Reading, Kundali Reading, Kundali Matching, Face Reading, Tarot Card Reading, Numerology, Vastu Shastra, Dosh Nivaran, Vedic Puja and Havan, Lal Kitab, Gemstone Receommendations and Remedies to Love, Marriage, Relationships, Job, Business, Career and more. Today, if you look around you can find many players in this field, but how many of them are genuine? There are many who has made it a way of making money and have commercialized it completely. Their predictions are same like their intention. Realizing this AstroGuruVani has come up with offering Astrology services as we believe that our esteemed clients deserve the best of services related to astrology. We understand their emotional belief and respect their feelings and thus try our best to give quality service. For this, we are extremely proud to have been associated with Sri Murari Pandey ji who is a renowned astrologer in India. However, his popularity is just not restricted to India but is spread all over the globe.


To build a knowledgeable forum for receiving best of the services provided by the AstroGuruVani for all important pujas. • To create an image of the country like “India”, as a *guru* to the world. • To give them the purest and the best services related to Puja and other Jaap removing all fakeness and adulteration which has become an incurable part of the society.


"To rejuvenate the lost faith in the purity of prayers and the Jaap which is an unidentified source of wisdom & to bring back the originality of our culture by integrating it with the present conditions prevailing in the society by “re-educating“ & understanding the importance of AstroGuruVani or as we refer as our guru’s in our day to day life" We are assured that quality of our products and services will help you decide if we are the right solution for you or somebody you know. We would be grateful to assist you in times when you need a right “Guru” in your life. “{Always remember that we pray to God for you. You should have deep hearted believe in God. Good result only can be provided through God blessing. Please keep faith in God and always follow purified path for God blessings. We are always to serve you better and better”}. ASTRO GURUVANI always pray and work for the welfare of Human Beings. If you want to join your grah shanti pujan with our vidhvan Bhraman.our expert pandit ji perform the puja based on your birth details, parents name and gotra. Please mention your birth details ( name, date, place, time) & SANKALP (your wish) at checkout. Aastroguruvani send yantra and Prasad to your place. We thank you for visiting us and hope that we can help you to find righteous path of success.