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Experience: 15 years

Expertise: - Vedic Astrology, Remedial Astrology, Vastu

Acharya Murari Pandey began his spiritual journey at a very young age. Born in a family of astrologers and priests, he began learning the basics of astrology and Vaastu since his early days. His precise and extensive knowledge was passed on to him by his ancestors. Blessed by the Almighty, he has been practicing and serving people since more than 15 years and is today regarded as the Top astrologer in India. As a renowned Vaastu Expert, Acharya Murari Pandey also offers effective Vastu remedies to ensure a positive and peaceful environment. Apart from residential, his expertise extends up to other segments of Vastu such as Commercial Vastu and Political Vastu. Acharya Murari Pandey has helped many in need and walked an extra mile to help people regain the lost hope in their life. His proficiency in gemstones has helped many find stability and security in career, relationships, wealth and life! As a certified Gemstone Consultant, his popularity and credibility can be measured by the level of respect his admirers shower on him. Acharya Murari Pandey’s detailed insights can provide:

  • Astrological and Vaastu guidance through detailed conversations.
  • Gun-milan and matrimonial remedies for removal of any hardships in Kundlis
  • Overcome fears of separation and divorce with verified astrological remedies.
  • Expert Vaastu guidance – while constructing as well as furnishing your house.
  • Heal the ailing person by predicting the anticipated illness through possible remedies.
  • Cautious selection of gemstones as a remedy to ward off any negative force that can cause illness, distress, financial loss, career problems etc
  • Ease the underlying tensions regarding education, career, failed business, money loss, tough work environment etc.
  • Protection against all evil influences.

Acharya Murari Pandey has extended his capabilities to countless directions in order to help the community walk away from the chaotic paths of misery and discontent.

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