Meet Our Astrologers

Dr. Y. Rakhi

Experience: 14 years

Expertise: - Tarot Card Reading and Relationship

About Astrologer:  Like everyone, my spiritual gifts were native. In 2003, the circumstances in my life reordered, and I found myself on a spiritual journey that continues today. Currently, I split my time. Delhi is my home town. My tarot card readings provide insight into a particular situation, current questions, past influences and reveals opportunities for growth in future with right remedies to your problems. Academics: I am a Graduate in Arts and Doctorate in Tarot Card Reading. I ventured out professionally where my life took its changes and got me closer to my spiritual being. I have also educated myself in guiding a child on her path of life with Vanasthali Vidyapeet. God has blessed me with loving family which is my ultimate strength & inspiration in my work. I always maintain my ethics & standards in my work. As many say, I have done a lot in my life. I believe that we are nothing but souls living the name of an individual in a body and leaving impressions by being a medium to make many things happen around us. We must never forget to ask ourselves who am I?

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